I worked with Jim Taglia when I was a trustee for the village of Oak Park, and observed firsthand his approach to serving as trustee. I was impressed. Jim is thoughtful, careful and takes the time to research every topic in depth — a time-consuming and sometimes difficult task. He takes to heart the notion that he is there to serve all of Oak Park and consistently makes balanced decisions backed by facts, something that seems so basic but is all too often lacking in our current politics.  

Jim sees himself as a public servant, not a politician. He is modest to a fault, quiet but resilient. It is very striking that every sitting trustee supports Jim’s candidacy. This is a testimony to his ability to find the best in opposing positions, build trustworthy relationships, and create consensus around compromise solutions that actually mean getting something done. This is not to say that he is without principles, but he is not dogmatic. 

Rather, he is kind, respectful and dedicated. Jim also knows his way around a budget, having served on the Oak Park Township board prior to becoming trustee. He understands the essential link between policy and funding and knows that the budget is, at its core, a policy document. This is the type of expertise I want as a village trustee and it is why I am voting for Jim Taglia.

Colette Lueck

Former Oak Park village trustee

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