I commend the trustees who express serious reservations about any sort of historic designation for the Foley-Rice building. The last thing Oak Park needs is another impediment to worthwhile redevelopment of a long-unused parcel. If anyone wants to salvage ornamental features of the facade, I’m sure the developer will be happy to let said persons have said features and move them somewhere else. 

I’d like to see more attention to facilitating architecture that future generations will look back on as significant and less attention to keeping marginally interesting structures on life support. Keep the gems like the Wright Home & Studio, but let the costume jewelry like Foley-Rice go.

Meanwhile, has anyone discussed the Madison Street narrowing concept with the developer? The last thing Pete’s would need is a clogged two-lane street causing parking lot gridlock. Entering and exiting the parking lot at Pete’s Lake Street location can be a nightmare, and Lake Street in that area is not nearly as traffic-congested as the Madison Street/Oak Park Avenue vicinity.

Bob Stigger

Oak Park

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