Susan Buchanan will be an exceptional Oak Park village trustee. I have known Susan for years and have been impressed with her love of Oak Park and her commitment to grassroots political activism, progressive values, and passion for service to the community. 

She is a physician by training and has provided care for those without health insurance and for those vulnerable to workplace injuries. She is a serious researcher and professor and will bring those skills and seriousness to studying the issues facing our village. Susan has a strong desire to maintain Oak Park as a diverse community committed to racial equity, affordable housing and great schools — a community for all.

Susan will be a hard-working, open-minded, conscientious trustee. She will not rush to judgment on issues but will delve into all sides of issues before casting a vote. She will listen to people with differing opinions and will use her skills in consensus-building to help solve issues in a way that will benefit all in the community. She will demand transparency in village government.

Susan’s profession, her training, and her 20-year commitment to Oak Park, to her family and to all families in the village will make her a great village trustee! I plan to cast one of my votes for her, and I urge you to vote for a village trustee who will do a remarkable job — Susan Buchanan!

Bob Haisman

Oak Park 

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