There was a time when it would seem silly, or at least would go without saying, for political candidates to point out their “fact-based” approach to making decisions.

Unfortunately, our current state of political affairs makes it a pre-requisite quality for anyone I would consider voting for. That is one of the reasons I am so pleased that Bridgett Baron is a candidate for the Oak Park Village Board of Trustees.

Throughout her campaign, Bridgett has emphasized her fact-based foundation in arriving at decisions. I am confident that, using the same skill set she practices as an accountant, she would make decisions after a careful evaluation of what is real, not based on emotion.

In my years getting to know her, I have found Bridgett to be a very positive, engaging and ethically centered person. She is honest, looks at all sides of an issue, and is open to learning from people with a wide range of opinions and experiences.

Some other candidates may say they agree with her very vocal view that the village needs to hold the line on tax increases. But as I have followed the race, those other candidates clearly don’t understand the drastic negative impact these spiraling tax costs will have on all people, at all socio-economic levels.

Please join me in electing this tremendously qualified individual.

Pat Koko

Oak Park

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