Our village board election is less than a month away. I hope you will get to know Susan Buchanan. The kind of person I want on our village board is someone who is intelligent, practical and sensible, someone who can weigh the sometimes opposing forces of culture, diversity, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability to make tough decisions. 

I met Susan in 1991 while playing in the Oak Park-River Forest Symphony Orchestra. Now Susan plays fiddle with the Farmers Market Band. She is also a doctor who began her career in Humboldt Park while many of us were figuring out how to make more money. Susan and her husband have lived in Oak Park for over 20 years, raising their son in our community, churches and public schools. She wears many hats at the University of Illinois Chicago, both seeing patients, working with corporations on health and wellness oversight, and actively being involved in community environmental matters and policies. 

Susan is a listener and a team player. In her career, she digests loads of information to come up with solutions and next steps. I know Susan will do a superb job on behalf of all of us through our villages policies, budgets and economic development decisions. 

So when you’re choosin’, vote for Susan! 

Julie O’Shea 

Oak Park 

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