I was so happy to see your short piece on Wally Broecker [Scientist who coined ‘global warming’ dies, Inside Report, Feb. 20].

I had the honor to work with Wally over the years. My boss, Gary Comer, met him in 2004 after he successfully transited the Northwest Passage on his own and wondered what was wrong!

This week, we have been reflecting on that time and thinking about how much hope we had in 2004 — that we could actually have an impact. For a short period in the early aughts, Mr. Comer funded more scientific research than the government. I am so lucky to live in a place like Oak Park, where climate change is taken seriously and science is real, but still I feel we must work to do more.

I invite you to share some memories of Wally and how, later in life, he worked to support the next generation of scientists: http://www.comerfamilyfoundation.org/articles/remembering-wally-broecker

Alison McKinzie

Creative director

Comer Family Foundation

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