The first time we met Amanda Massie, candidate for the District 200 school board, over 20 years ago, was after a significant snowfall as we were both clearing the alley, me by shovel, Amanda with a beast of a snowblower. She worked her way over to our garage to speed the work and make introductions. Amanda is a good worker.

A few years later, her husband Noel’s career compelled their relocation to Virginia. It was one of many career moves that Amanda, Noel and their two sons, Pierce and Braidon, chose to make. But of all the places the family chose to live, Oak Park was their favorite. I distinctly remember Amanda pledging to move back to Oak Park where she felt most at home raising her biracial family. The Massies are very loyal and appreciative of the people and the opportunities they have worked so hard to achieve.

Not unlike so many of our fellow Oak Parkers who have invested and reaped the rewards of our investments going back over 40 years, we find ourselves having to decide whether to leave the expense of staying in our homes due to the prospect of ever-increasing costs. As we approach retirement, the choice is as much about the effort to control costs as the actual costs themselves. 

While we realize the cost of everything goes up, it is so much more painful if the increases are seen as unfair and go unchallenged. Amanda, if elected, vows to challenge the existing power structure and shed sunlight on and bring sanity to D200, your Oak Park and River Forest High School. 

Please consider Amanda on Election Day.

Chris and Carrie Mijal

Oak Park

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