I fully agree with the letter writer who stated what a terrible idea it is to add parking boxes on Madison. I have been to several suburbs lately where I noticed an abundance of free, time-restricted parking in their business districts. I also noticed their businesses were very busy. The only busy business on Madison have their own lots. Anyone who drives down Madison knows that if they continue just another mile into Forest Park they will find free parking.

I think Oak Park needs to look at the big picture and not just at immediate revenue figures when it comes to parking. I also don’t like the trend to have meters being replaced with pay boxes. One of the things I enjoy about Oak Park is quickly and easily running into a business to buy a single item or pick something up and throwing a dime in the meter instead of having to find and walk to a pay box and enter numbers.

Is there a citizens committee on parking that has any real power? If so, as busy as I am, I’d be interested in serving on it.

Joyce Porter

Oak Park

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