Editor’s note: The following letter was recently found buried on my desk. Despite the lapse in time, and regretting the oversight, we’re running this and one other (next week).

Christine Vernon’s letter, printed in your July 1, 2018 edition, needs some amplification. She refers specifically to Bruce and Julie Samuels who, like other citizens, worked to stop red-lining in Oak Park and Austin. They, like myself, were members of the Oak Park Community Organization (OPCO), co-chaired by Paul Bloyd and Perry Hamilton, though we were pretty much equal in our activities and decision-making.

If I remember correctly, Paul and Perry set up the times and places for specific actions. OPCO was in contact with a similar organization in Austin chaired by a woman of Italian descent (I don’t recall her name). Bruce and Julie can surely correct and amplify my comments should they wish to do so.

I have an OPCO membership list somewhere around the house. Should it turn-up, I will give the list to the Historical Society museum at Lombard and Lake. Other members of OPCO may wish to add their comments to mine. I don’t recall when OPCO was active.

John Shipley

Oak Park 

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