Thanks for the article noting the death of Wallace Smith Broecker, the OPRF graduate who became known as the “Grandfather of Climate Science” [Scientist who coined ‘global warming’ dies, Inside Report, Feb. 20].

Broecker warned clearly and repeatedly of the enormous danger of global warming.  And decades later, the human race is pouring greenhouse gases into the atmosphere faster than ever. We are in deep trouble.

There is a lot of discussion now of a “Green New Deal,” which would treat the climate issue as the crisis that it is. But there is also a big and simple measure that would go a long way in the right direction. 

The bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act now before Congress would boost the economy, help the environment, and make most people better off than they are now. It would do this by putting a fee on fossil fuels and distributing the money to the population on a per-capita basis.

Doug Burke

Citizens Climate Lobby 

Oak Park

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