The March issue of Chicago Magazine encourages readers to find their “bliss beyond the city limits.” One glance at the blue-hued cover transports food lovers in the western suburbs to Elmwood Park’s Restaurant Row on North Ave.

The publication recognized Johnnie’s Beef among the best restaurants in the Chicago Suburbs.Considering they’ve been serving up beef sandwiches for 58 years it stands to reason the folks behind this bare-bones stand know a thing or two about slinging sandwiches.

Our very own David Hammond said, “I ate the Johnnie’s beef (sandwich)  in one continuous gobble!” And even suggests the dripping wet sandwich requires standing diners to assume the “Italian Stance” before savoring the sandwich. 

Need a definition?

“Italian stance” – a standing position, elbows on the counter, waist maybe a foot from the counter, back bent, legs spread about 1.5 feet apart, both hands on the soon-to-be-savaged sandwich. -David Hammond

Snag a copy of the magazine and make a point to pop by Johnnie’s, order a beef sandwich, and congratulate the Elmwood Park mainstay on beckoning folks to the the suburbs with their blissful beef.

Johnnie’s Beef

7500 W North Ave

Elmwood Park, IL



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