I just read Bridgett Baron’s Viewpoint article on her candidacy for Oak Park Village Board [Oak Park’s urgency: Reining in excessive taxation, Viewpoints, Feb. 20], and I think her whole campaign is untenable. 

She claims to be concerned about Oak Park’s property taxes and includes a chart showing a 68.3% increase in taxes “among all six taxing bodies” and other sources. This figure has absolutely nothing to do with her candidacy. 

According to information recently published by Oak Park Township (http://oakparktownship.org/sites/default/files/Referendum%20Information%20Flyer.pdf), the top three recipients of Oak Park’s real estate taxes are District 97 at 38.9%, District 200 at 24.6%, and the Village Of Oak Park at 10.3%. Anyone interested in property tax relief would run for the boards of District 97 or District 200, which is where 63.5% of our taxes are spent. 

Running for the village board on a tax relief agenda is just blowing smoke. I would ask Ms. Baron to list the multimillion-dollar village programs she considers to be boondoggles that she will cut and which will result in hundreds of dollars of tax cuts to each Oak Parker’s real estate tax bill.

Alan Krause

Oak Park

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