I sure hope Jim Whalen is alone in believing that plowing the alleys are counterproductive [Viewpoints, Feb. 13].

Yes, Jim will need to do a little cleanup after the plow leaves a thin line on his garage apron, but that seems to be small price to pay to get a clear alley.

It sounds like Jim is very lucky and has a whole block that individually shovels to the center of the alley. Excellent collective cooperation; I wish that was universal. He probably never lived in the city, where alley plowing is rare. 

I recall actually being trapped in the garage for days at a time after heavy snows or just the slow accumulation of winter. I had some neighbors who would pile snow in the alley center opposite the direction of their travel. Other times there might be clean aprons but the center of the alley was so high and frozen, you risked your oil pan scrapping along. Once I single-handedly shoveled half the alley myself to get out. 

Alley plowing is one of the many attractions I had to moving to Oak Park. I hope the village is reading this. They can give Jim’s alley a pass but please then do mine twice.

Kurt Hedlund

Oak Park

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