As a local nonprofit with the mission to “support and enrich aging through community building and advocacy,” Arbor West Neighbors (AWN) appreciated Igor Studenkov’s detailed article (including photos) on “Senior-centric equipment coming to Randolph Park” [News, Feb. 13]. 

The generous “exercise equipment” forthcoming for adults is welcome, but we are especially excited about the inclusion of “intergenerational play equipment.” I first saw this innovative play equipment on a trip to Shanghai in 2001 where elders partnered with children and youth in a well-populated urban park. 

Recognizing its potential to bridge generational divides, a few AWN board members advocated for this shared play equipment at the park district community meeting on Randolph Park renovations last spring. As noted by the park district’s director of marketing, Diane Stanke, both the outdoor fitness and intergenerational equipment are “a first” for Oak Park. Not noted is that the addition of the shared adult-child play equipment puts Oak Park on the cutting-edge in the U.S!  

We look forward to partnering with the Park District of Oak Park, Township Senior Services, and the Oak Park Arms to encourage the frequent usage of this park equipment, and for its installation in future park renovations.

Susan Stall

Arbor West Neighbors

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