I met Thomas Gary many years ago when he was a member of the Triton College Board of Trustees. As an employee at that time, I frequently heard good things about his contributions as a board member, specifically in regard to fiscal management. 

Recently I learned that Mr. Gary encouraged the establishment of an Audit Committee, which in turn resulted in the school earning several awards from the Government Finance Officers Association for its financial management. 

In addition, and as a result of this management, the school was able to finance a major capital plan and weather state disinvestment without raising property taxes or making the school unaffordable for our working students. 

Although Mr. Gary left the board earlier than planned (he was called to active duty with the Navy), the legacy of outstanding fiscal management continues to allow Triton to offer quality educational opportunities to students at a reasonable cost. 

It is my belief that as a village trustee, Mr. Gary will bring his fiscal responsibility and vision to benefit all who live in, or do business with, Oak Park.

Mary Jeans

Oak Park

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