I am an emeritus professor of Business Administration from UIC. Most of my research and consulting over the past two decades has involved public sector performance.

I know and have worked with Prof. James Thompson (UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs), who is running for Oak Park village trustee. Jim has extensive practical experience, having worked for 15 years in city and county government before returning to earn a PhD in Public Administration at Syracuse University (which has one of the very top programs in the nation).

Jim is the most perfect candidate I can imagine for Oak Park trustee. He has lived in Oak Park for over 20 years and well understands its culture and values.

And if you are concerned with Oak Park taxes, then Jim definitely is your man. His practical experience and education make him unmatched in his ability to analyze local government revenues, costs and budgets, as well as how to make local services as productive as possible.

In addition, he would be unmatched in his skill in analyzing our community and surrounding areas to inform trustee decisions about business development and how to optimize revenue from it. He’s very familiar with the types of problems and successful solutions employed by other local communities, since he teaches the capstone Master of Public Administration course in which the students consult with Chicago-area governments.

Finally, I know from my own experience that he is a friendly person who works well with others on professional projects. And he successfully served for five years as head of the UIC Department of Public Administration. So he would be skilled in helping trustees work as a team, even on matters where they strongly disagree.

If you want further information, you can check out his candidate website http://www.bluesedge.com/thompson4trustee and his UIC professional profile https://cuppa.uic.edu/profiles/thompson-james. Or feel free to contact me at daroldbarnum@gmail.com or 708-714-1876.

Darold Barnum

Oak Park

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