In the past, I have been critical of the lack of Wednesday Journal coverage of Triton, our community college. So it’s only fair that I now thank WJ for Michael Romain’s excellent story on the appointment of a new senior administrator at Triton [Triton hire his ‘concerning,’ says faculty union, News, Jan. 30], and the faculty union’s contention that the position should not have been filled without a search process that included public posting of the open position. Thanks also for your editorial on this issue [Our Views, Jan. 30].

Romain’s article and your editorial help make our community aware that Triton has a history of insider hiring, has a poor graduation rate, and has a mainly white administration and faculty though nearly 60 percent of its students aren’t white.

I hope and believe that your attention to Triton will help inspire improvements at the community college that our taxes support. I also hope you make endorsements for the next Triton board election, and that some of your readers with education expertise run for the board next time.

Judith Alexander

Oak Park

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