While many lamented the onset of dangerously frigid temperatures brought on by the polar vortex in late January, one Oak Park family welcomed the cold snap.

Antony Wood and his family, who live in the 1000 block of Superior Street, used the cold spell to build their second igloo – the first came last year when the family built a structure in their front yard made of ice blocks they made in more than 200 milk cartons.

This year the family went bigger, using 421 cartons to build an igloo nine feet in diameter.

“We didn’t drink one and a half cartons of milk a day,” Wood said in a telephone interview, noting that their neighbors helped in the effort.

The surface area of the igloo is twice the size of last year’s, big enough to sleep in, Wood said.

Wood and his son did sleep in the igloo the night after it was built – well, part of the night, at least. He said that while ice is a good insulator of heat, the opening to the structure allowed too much cold air to sleep comfortably all night.

The family now faces another problem – the swing in temperature threatens to melt their hard work on the igloo. Wood said they’ve covered the ice structure in several layers of snow and tarps to help protect the igloo until the temperature drops again.


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