Does District 97 really help every child learn, grow and achieve?

Since late October, I have been having a discussion with personnel at Julian Middle School regarding offering Spanish tutoring before school starts at 9 a.m. My child has a need. I did not realize this would be a request that was unobtainable. 

Upon asking my child’s Spanish Language teacher about morning tutoring, she said no. It was offered by appointment only during one half of the lunch period, changing as needed and in the afternoon till 4 or 4:15, possibly. I explained to her that my child really needs to eat and my husband and I both work the regular 9 to 5 p.m. grind, not getting home till 5:30-6. 

I took my request to Principal Fitzgerald via email. After my second request, he responded. No, the Spanish teachers have other obligations; they cannot offer Spanish tutoring to students in the morning before school. 

This past mid-December, I took my request to Amy Warke, chief academic and accountability officer. I explained to her that I felt it was unreasonable. There are four Spanish teachers at Julian. My suggestion would be that the four Spanish teachers could rotate so only one of the teachers would have to come in early — one morning once a week, or maybe twice a month offering Spanish Language tutoring to the 900 plus Julian Middle School students in the morning before school. This would only conflict with their other obligations possibly once a month. Dr. Warke was very understanding and assured me she would speak to the principal.

Sending Dr. Warke an email around Jan. 7 reminding her of my request, she replied in an email to contact Principal Fitzgerald. 

 The parents and the community as a whole support Oak Park District 97 with a passion, passing increased school funding referendums, offering our personal expertise with specific skills and backgrounds, volunteering, and fundraising.

My request cannot be met? 

Lisa Kirk

Oak Park

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