If you can’t beat them, join them. I’m writing to support our village president and the Make Oak Park Tall Movement (MOPT). All across Oak Park there are simply too many short buildings. As the current buildings rise, let us all commit ourselves to the new 28-story building proposed for Lake Street. This, I hope, is the first of many glorious very tall monuments resulting from the leadership of our current board president, Anan “Tall Building” Abu-Taleb. 

Everywhere I go in Oak Park, his mark is being made. Wind tunnels blow with powerful gusts that stop pedestrians in their tracks allowing them the time to enjoy the beauty of the tallness. Tallness is everything in a village that often sees itself as coming up short. 

If we lose sight of the President’s mission to Make Oak Park Tall Again, it may be due to the shadows cast by his monuments. Shadows can be useful on a hot day to keep you cool, or used to make hand silhouettes to entertain children. 

Lastly, MOPT will keep our taxes tall, too. Just pile all your tax dollars … up, up, up … in a big pile until they stand tall! How tall? Tax increase tall! Maybe if you look closely, your tax dollars could be piled 28 feet tall … this may be a coincidence. 

As for Unity Temple, here is their opportunity to increase membership 28 fold. Think positive! 

Don’t forget to purchase your MOPT shirts at village hall. They are a bargain … $28, tax included. All proceeds, less the sales tax, go to developers who promise to go tall! 

Bob Milstein

Oak Park

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