Thanks to Sandra Shimon and Maarten Bosland, the first step toward a solution to gun violence in Oak Park has been proposed (Why Oak Park needs a safe gun storage ordinance, Viewpoints, Dec. 5].

Mandating safe storage of firearms will keep criminals, terrorists and the crazed from stealing guns. Already, Illinois FOID cards are only issued to non-criminals, non-terrorists and the sane. Hence, assault weapons will not end up in the hands of criminals, terrorists or the crazed in the village of Oak Park.

Therefore, no need to ban possession of modern safety rifles (aka assault weapons) by Oak Park residents, since they will be legally owned, used safely and no longer stolen.

And … the safe storage ordinance is easily enforced by mandating demonstration of completion of the NRA Basic Pistol Course (or its equivalent) upon request of village police.

(It’s really just a tax, not a mandate.)

Trading safe storage for the assault weapons ban will not only solve the problem, but is a compromise that everyone can live with.

John Erickson

Oak Park

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