Dear Community,

I have been following the public discussion regarding the proposed private development at 835 Lake St. While the village has not yet received an application for a planned development, I want to thank Golub for its interest in a second location for quality residential development in Oak Park.

Unity Temple is one of the crown jewels of our community. We need to ensure that any development on this site addresses the concerns of this monument, but at the same time acknowledge that the existing bank drive-thru is not the highest and best use of that property. I am, therefore, supportive of a mixed-use transit-oriented development on this site, so long as the development has the buy-in and support of Unity Temple.

I do not envision, nor do I support, a 28-story building on this site. I have, therefore, asked Golub to revisit its plans and explore other options that would not place Oak Park’s tallest building in this location.

I commend Golub for proactively communicating its plans to neighbors, including several meetings with representatives of Unity Temple. I am encouraging Golub to continue that dialogue in hopes they may reach agreement on a development plan that is sensitive to Unity Temple, brings new residents and investment to support our local businesses, schools and parks, and preserves the experience of worshipers and visitors at Unity Temple.

To the Unity Temple, as you consider the implications of new development on that block, I hope you would keep in mind the potential benefits of new neighbors, as well as the benefits of new investment to the community as a whole.


Anan Abu-Taleb


Village of Oak Park

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