A question for our trustees: Why do we have existing high-rise codes if we’re consistently voiding them? We currently have six high-rises in downtown Oak Park: Brookdale, Forest Place, Vantage, the Trader Joe’s building, and soon Harlem and South Boulevard and the Albion building. 

I thought we would wait and see how the addition of hundreds of renters and their cars impact our small town center, but I was wrong. Golub’s proposal for a 28-story building on Lake Street across from the main library makes the other building designs seem almost restrained. 

Not only are we crowding more people into our town center, we are crowding out the trees, shrubs, and green space that developers eliminate to maximize their building site. 

The welcoming feel of Oak Park must be our priority because, if left to developers, we will become a concrete-and-glass jungle. Oak Park is prime real estate; we could and should demand more of developers. In our last trustee election I was a single-issue voter; anyone against the towering high-rises got my vote. 

So, Dan Moroney and Deno Andrews, now is the time to keep your promises and vote this monster down.

Shelly Uslenghi

Oak Park

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