As the evidence behind the negative effects of climate change becomes more and more undeniable, we must look to promote worthwhile solutions before it is too late. The most recent United Nations report stated that we have only 12 years to combat the very worst effects before irreversible damage to life on this planet is actualized. 

One of the most pressing challenges is finding a bipartisan solution to curb the use of fossil fuels as a nation, yet the Citizens Climate Lobby has done just that. With the success of having a bipartisan bill reach the House floor on Nov. 27, we need everyone to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 7173). 

This act will drive down America’s carbon pollution while aiding in the advancement of renewable innovation and technologies. By placing a tax on greenhouse emitting gases, they project to cut down carbon emissions by 40% within 12 years. All the while those of lower- or middle-income households receive money back via dividends to ensure they can afford the additional cost of energy prices. This will in turn create millions of jobs in the renewable energy sector, all the while protecting human health, our environment, and national security. 

We must act now if we have any chance of giving the next generation a chance at a fruitful and worthwhile life. Lastly, make sure to thank some of the members of the Climate Solutions Caucus. Here’s to Dan Lipinski, Randy Hultgren, Adam Kinzinger and Peter Roskam for being a part of the solution right here in Illinois.

Emily Kincanon

Oak Park

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