Matthew Creedon

It’s been nearly a month since Denver man Matthew Creedon, 35, was struck by a vehicle on Roosevelt Road in a hit-and-run accident that almost killed him.

Now he’s struggling to recover from his injuries — and figure out how he’s going to pay his medical bills.

Creedon, who grew up in Oak Park, was back in town visiting his family, who live in Forest Park. About 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 8, Creedon was struck by a vehicle. Other motorists got out of their cars and dragged him out of the roadway, he said.

He woke up three days later at Loyola University Medical Center with two collapsed lungs, a broken pelvis, three broken ribs, a fractured back and a torn aorta.

Creedon was put in a medically induced coma and given emergency heart surgery. Doctors told him he flatlined at one point and had to be revived.

“Coming back to life hurts a lot,” Creedon said in a recent telephone interview.

He said police still have not found the motorist who struck him in the middle of Roosevelt Road. He said he has no memory of even being in the road.

One of the motorists who pulled him from the roadway later told him she “heard a big, old bang and saw debris and dust and then she saw me, and I was about two stories up in the air,” Creedon said.

Now friends of the former Oak Parker are raising money to help pay his medical bills. They’ve launched an online fundraiser on Donations can be made here:

The goal is for $30,000 and as of Tuesday, Dec. 4, the fundraiser had collected $5,690.

Creedon said he hopes that anyone with information about the accident or the vehicle that struck him would contact Oak Park police.

Two witnesses have contacted police, he said, but “nobody [else] seems to want to come forward.”

“It’s been almost a month,” said Creedon, who is currently in physical therapy twice a week to repair his broken pelvis and recovering from severe pain he’s suffered over the last month.

He was working as a bartender and event coordinator in Denver prior to the accident but had recently lost his job and does not have insurance to cover his ongoing recovery.

“I still haven’t seen the bills from the hospital,” he said, but added that “physical therapy is pretty expensive.”

He had returned home to the area to visit his family around Thanksgiving and get some part-time work driving a delivery truck for Associated Tire & Battery Co., 6208 Roosevelt Road.

Creedon had returned the delivery truck at the end of the day just prior to the accident.

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