I am a young high school teacher and mother of two. Having recently read and discussed the Smithsonian article on the UN report on climate change with my class, I was positively surprised by their enthusiasm and interest but absolutely horrified by the gravity of the situation.

We have 12 years to cut our emissions by 45% and in 2050 we must be carbon neutral in order to have a chance of surviving as a species. I think in order to achieve this, we need people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal. It would create jobs which couldn’t be moved abroad, and we’d actually be investing in the technology of the future. With both lots of sunshine and wind, we’ve got exactly what it takes to get back in the alternative energy game. 

Congress has to support this if we are to have a future. 

In order to do this, people need to understand the gravity of the situation and this can’t happen without the press. Young people can’t do it alone. 

Elise Olmos

River Forest

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