A death in the family — words ever wrought with heart-sinking woe. Even when the family is but the Oak Park community. Even when the death is but a store.

For nearly half a century, the Women’s Exchange has carried on business in their quaint little shop in their quaint little way, offering hand-crafted merchandise, produced with zeal and served the same way.

In a month the doors will be closing. The new age, with its dazzle of electronic expediency, has finally spelled doom for the cheery little remnant of yesteryear.

While it’s not a true tragedy, of course, not the kind that brings sorrow and tears, it does bring a profound sense of loss. Oak Park Avenue won’t be quite the same without its endearing connection to a time gone by. As with every death, there will be sadness, reflection, a pause, and a celebratory gladness for all the smiling memories.

Phil Kurth

Oak Park

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