Despite being a notorious penny-pincher, I’m in favor of a police facilities study. Our police are expected to address all manner of activities that didn’t exist when village hall was built — cybercrimes and cyberbullying, for example — which require the types of spaces and utilities you’d find in a modern office building, not Sheriff Andy’s office and drunk tank.

It might ease the pain if we taxpayers were provided with a little more historical background. When village hall was built in the 1970s, was the structure designed to be expandable or was the footprint designed to allow additional structures? More importantly, is village hall as a whole on its last legs? It’s pushing 50 years old — I don’t know what its expected life was, but 40-50 years is pretty typical for commercial structures. My concern is whether we are facing a repeat of an event from my recent past: The stove broke, and we ended up completely gutting the kitchen. That stove probably cost more than whatever they use to heat food on Skylab.

Bob Stigger

Oak Park

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