Conversations are underway about the future of the River Forest Community Center. And that is really good news. Over the past several years there have been fraught battles about the community center played out in a fight between River Forest’s village government and River Forest Township. That fight ended in a stalemate. And then there was the dramatically failed tax referendum vote put forward by the park district years back which sought funds to build its own indoor recreation building. Voters wanted no part of that.

So now we have a better situation, all the players willingly at the table, and a focus on working collaboratively to find a solution to a genuine shortage of indoor program and recreation space in River Forest. With a facilitator guiding the process, representatives of the Community Center/Civic Center Authority, River Forest village government, River Forest Township, the library, elementary schools, park district and the Opportunity Knocks nonprofit which is currently a noted tenant of the Community Center, have begun meeting.

Should the Community Center on Madison at Thatcher be expanded or rebuilt? Is there another location entirely for a new facility? What are the needs of each of these groups individually? How can those needs be met by sharing?

We look forward to the outcome of these worthy conversations.

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