It was a team effort. Oak Park is a unique community. However, when we got on board the J.B. Pritzker campaign for Illinois Governor, our efforts in Oak Park turned out … hmmmm … good.

A 69.9 percent turnout. Every precinct in Oak Park carried for Pritzker. J.B. captured 81.58 percent of the vote. (J.B.’s right-wing, anti-union, pro 1% opponent received 15.37 percent of the Oak Park vote — an alarmingly high percentage that we will need to work to lower in future campaigns!)

In River Forest, our western neighbor, turnout was 61.13 percent, J.B got 67.4 percent of the River Forest votes for governor and all but one RF precinct carried for J.B. (The one RF precinct we lost, we lost by two votes.)

Thanks for all your help.

Bob Haisman

Proudly from Oak Park and the Democratic Party of Oak Park

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