Having just attended the Armistice Day tribute at Scoville Park on this the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I (aka “The Great War”), I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the committee that organized this ceremony. It was at once a tribute to our “doughboys,” and to the redoubtable Virginia Cassin, who was so instrumental in our Veterans and Memorial Day remembrances in the past.

I felt an urgent need to attend this year. There is irony in the fact that my grandfather fought in this conflict, but he served in the army of Kaiser Wilhelm II and at that time thought of the American Expeditionary Force as the enemy. But he died a proud American citizen, having emigrated to escape religious persecution and finding a safe home in our society for himself and his children.

We must thank all the men and women who have worn the uniforms of the past and who wear them today.

Lest we forget …

Alan Hoffstadter

Oak Park

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