Matthew Creedon

A Denver man is in critical condition at Loyola University Medical Center after being struck in a hit-and-run accident on Thursday, Nov. 8, near the intersection of Roosevelt Road and South Taylor Avenue.

Matthew Creedon, 35, was found in the middle of Roosevelt Road after having been struck by a vehicle around 5:30 p.m., according to his father Edward Creedon.

Edward Creedon said in a telephone interview that his son suffered a torn aorta and underwent emergency heart surgery on Thursday night.

Matthew Creedon also sustained fractures to his back and ankle and has been placed in a medically induced coma, Edward Creedon said, adding, “We still don’t know the extent of his injuries.”

Edward Creedon said his son flat-lined last night in the hospital but was revived.

“We want to get it out there and find out if anybody has seen anything before they forget,” Edward Creedon said.

Edward Creedon, who lives in Forest Park with his wife, said Matthew was in town visiting family and making money on the side by doing truck delivery for Associated Tire & Battery Co., 6208 Roosevelt Rd.

He said no one appears to have witnessed the hit and run, but an employee of Segreti Pharmacy, 6144 Roosevelt Rd., heard the incident and came out to find Matthew Creedon unconscious in the middle of Roosevelt Road.

“People were not stopping and driving around (Matthew),” Edward Creedon said. “The pharmacist dragged him out of the street.”

Edward Creedon said he received a call from his son at about 5:15 p.m. who said he was at Harlem Avenue and Roosevelt Road and was finishing up the day’s runs.

“I was going to pick him up to have dinner with his grandmother,” Edward Creedon said.

By the time he made it to the area, Oak Park police were already on the scene.

“I got to Ridgeland (Avenue) and saw the squad cars; I thought, I hope nothing happened with Matthew,” he said in a telephone interview from the hospital.

Edward Creedon is holding out hope that surveillance cameras at one of the nearby businesses captured the incident, but he’s also putting a call out to anyone in the area who might have witnessed the incident to contact police.

Anyone with information can contact the Oak Park Police Department at 708-386-3800.

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