Oak Park voters overwhelmingly approved a non-binding referendum in the Nov. 6 midterm election, giving the Village of Oak Park the go ahead to further study merging with Oak Park Township, the Park District of Oak Park and the Oak Park Public Library.

With all 37 precincts counted, 61.39 percent of voters said yes to the referendum question: “Shall the merger and consolidation of Oak Park taxing bodies be considered, including, but not limited to, the Village of Oak Park, Oak Park Township, the Oak Park Public Library and the Park District of Oak Park, to determine if there would be efficiencies, the elimination of redundancies, and/or property tax reduction for the residents of Oak Park?”

A combined 16,189 voters said yes to studying consolidation, while 10,181 voted no.

The referendum was presented to the Oak Park Board of Trustees earlier this year by the Taxing Bodies Efficiencies Task Force, an ad hoc committee established by the board of trustees to find ways to reduce the property tax burden in the village.

Oak Park Township voters also approved a non-binding referendum about safe storage of firearms that asked: “Shall all firearms be required by law to be stored in a safe and secure manner that prevents access by unauthorized persons, when such firearms are not under the direct personal control of the owner?”

The question was approved by 91.55 percent of voters, with 22,550 voting yes and 2,226 voting no.


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