Have you heard about the referendum on Nov. 6? The high school district wants to issue $166 million in bonds for infrastructure repairs, performing arts, pools, library, cafeteria, accessibility, science and technology classrooms, and more. The voters rejected a referendum for less than half that amount last year.

Sound familiar? It’s the Hinsdale high school district.

Hinsdale has two campuses. At one school they’ll build a new 10-lane, 40-yard pool for $24 million, at the other school a 6-lane, 40-yard pool for $15 million. Both will have IHSA-compliant diving wells.

Sound familiar? Not exactly. Sounds quite a bit cheaper than the five-star OPRF proposal.

I’ll vote for a $24 million pool when OPRF goes to referendum. However, they can pay for it out of petty cash. A quarter-billion for one campus when Hinsdale is doing two campuses for $100 million less is a different story.

Bob Stigger

Oak Park

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