The organization VOICE endorsed three candidates for village trustee. One of the endorsed candidates is the group’s founder. Twenty-six citizens picked the three individuals. So they are indeed a political party and a small one at that. 

But wait … this looks like Village Manager Association lite. The VMA folded shop, and now VOICE wants three slots so badly, they asked the unendorsed not to run. 

A small group puts up three candidates. It then focuses on keeping others out of the running. What arrogance! 

If unendorsed, please run. If unendorsed, write letters to the Journal. Give a voice to those whom VOICE wants to silence. 

It all smells the same. Good tactic by those running VOICE to not create a slate but to run separately. They knew they would face a challenge if they tried to do what the VMA did last time. Remember that outcome? 

Another good tactic they chose is to form a PAC and not a party, but it is just a ploy. No party, no primaries, money, money, money. They likely have a lawyer or two guiding this process. 

Beware the VOICE you hear.

Robert Milstein

Oak Park

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