I have never seen such a unique discourtesy as the mass emailing from Eric C. Wagner (the new president & CEO of Visit Oak Park) informing the dedicated and long-serving volunteers of the Oak Park Visitor Center that their services will no longer be required. This was, of course, part of the “news” of the center’s closure.

I find it distressing that Mr. Wagner clearly chose to ignore both the range and the depth of the services the Visitor Center has provided to residents and visitors alike. Since he has failed to examine how these unique person-to-person services could continue to be provided, their abandonment in favor of “investing” solely in pre-packaged conventional advertising and marketing materials seems ill advised.

As a volunteer deeply committed to sharing Oak Park’s unique history and heritage and vitally interested in helping visitors explore and appreciate our community, I am shocked by this callous destruction of an irreplaceable resource.

Dave Moeller

Oak Park

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