The Republican Party has turned its back on its historic principles and no longer stands for anything other than clinging to power for the sake of power. State’s rights? In Illinois, Attorney General Jeff Sessions pokes his nose into Chicago’s reform of its police department, recently disgraced by a policeman-murderer. In California, efforts to fight global warming are under federal attack. In Colorado, decriminalization of cannabis is assaulted. 

Fiscal responsibility? The “Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017” will add only One Trillion Dollars to the national debt while, Eisenhower be damned, Republicans inflate the “defense” budget by billions to feed a cesspool of corruption. Free trade? Tariffs are imposed against China, Mexico, Canada, and the European Union — except for the 2,500 (and counting) insiders granted exemptions. This is not draining the swamp. 

Family values? The Republican-in-Chief boasts of grabbing women by their private parts; a woman bleeds from her wherever; another is “horse-faced.” Children are used as political pawns to intimidate others — infants ripped from their mothers’ breasts as John Kelly and Kirstjen Nielsen congratulate themselves on cruelty well done (ISIS, Boko Haram, and Hamas also weaponize children: we have met the enemy and he is us). 

And yet … and yet … Republicans campaign on a platform of states’ rights, fiscal responsibility, free trade, and family values. 

The GOP is no longer a party but an orgy of hypocrisy. No person of conscience can vote Republican.

Joe English


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