Thank you for allowing me to “vent” my anger and disappointment. We all have learned our President does not respect the truth. But I did at one time have an apparently undeserved respect for a large number of Republicans who have now joined in “lockstep” with President Trump.

It was obvious that President Trump desired Judge Kavanaugh as his choice, regardless of the negative baggage that the judge carried. There were many other well qualified conservatives, but none of the other candidates stated that a “sitting president should not ever be investigated” as Brett Kavanuagh had announced. This was a reassurance for President Trump’s possible indictment.

I was naïve enough to believe President Trump was contacting the FBI to truly investigate the allegations made by Dr. Ford of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh during their high school years. I thought a thorough investigation could finally offer Dr. Ford some closure on her horrible, unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, President Trump limited the scope of the FBI’s work. No thorough study could take place.

Dr. Ford gave the FBI many names of people to verify her report and many called to request testifying about Kavanaugh’s drinking habits and partying but only three names offered by Dr. Ford were interviewed. (There were 5 others interviewed having to do with other sexual allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.) The one man who Dr. Ford claimed was in the room with Kavanaugh and Ford was interviewed, but he merely stated (supposedly under oath) he did not remember any such or particular evening as she described. He did not refute her statements, but did not confirm them either. The only admission was Brett and his heavy drinking. Perhaps if the FBI could have delved further, there could have been a resolution.

As we reflect on this sad event, the confirmation vote was decided well before the outrageous Kavanaugh hearing (which displayed his non-judicial temperament) and the useless limited FBI investigation. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was the only Republican who dared to give an independent, honest evaluation of Brett Kavanaugh. She courageously followed Senator McCain’s proclamation, “A senator’s decision must be determined by country over party.”

I have lived through many world changes, ugly wars and many crises. But our present crisis is unique. Our nation has never had an autocratic president who was neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Leaders of both parties always respected our laws, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These basic tenets of our country are not even acknowledged by President Trump. His goals are selfish desires for power and money. His means of achieving these goals are hate and fear and racism and scapegoats. He has no love of humanity.

The parent-child separation “zero tolerance policy” was his effort to limit immigration. At first, he claimed these asylum-seeking families were actually “criminals, rapists and drug dealers,” whom he had placed in caged detention centers. When the public outcry displayed their anger, President Trump cowardly blamed it on “the Democrats’ plan.”

It is frightening to contemplate that our federal lifetime judgeships are now predominantly Republicans. President Trump has appointed three times as many justices to these positions as the last two presidents have. With the extremely biased Supreme Court now, we, the caring public must at least change the Congress in order to have some check on the other two branches of government.

This can only be done by voting. We must establish a fair-minded Congress. Please join me in a pledge to vote. We must urge our 18-year-olds and their friends to register and vote. Help that neighbor who needs a ride to vote, and convince that disgusted-with-politics friend to vote. We can be grateful we still have a vote, and let’s make it count!

P.S. Let’s follow Tom Perez’s advice: “Don’t mope, just vote!”

Harriet Hausman is a longtime resident of River Forest.

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