Oak Park Trustee Bob Tucker has announced he will not run for a third term on the Oak Park Board of Trustees in the upcoming election on April 2, 2019.

The two-term trustee said he aims to take “a break” to spend more time with his family and focus on a heavy workload at his job as chief operating officer and executive vice president of programs at Chicago Community Loan Fund, a nonprofit that provides financing for projects in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.

Some have speculated that Tucker could consider a run for village president in two years, but he said in an interview that he’s not really thinking about that at this time.

“It’s not only a long time in my life, but it’s an eternity in the world of politics,” he said. “I don’t rule it out.”

Tucker was elected to public office both times with the endorsement of the now-defunct Village Manager Association. He ran unopposed in his most recent election, along with Adam Salzman and Andrea Button.

Button, who also is up for re-election, announced in September that she also does not plan to run in 2019.

That leaves Trustee Jim Taglia as the only incumbent left in the upcoming election. It will be Taglia’s first election bid for the seat; he was appointed to the position in 2017, following the departure of Salzman, who resigned.

Tucker said he would support Taglia in his run for trustee, calling him “a really great board member.”

Tucker said he would always be proud of the economic development that boards he has served on has brought to Oak Park.

“These buildings add to the vibrancy [of the village],” he said, noting that the tenants of the downtown high-rises bring new life to local businesses like The Book Table bookstore and Poor Phil’s restaurant and bar.

Tucker said other highlights of his time on the board include his work choosing not to opt out of a minimum wage hike imposed by Cook County; the board’s approval of sanctuary city ordinance; and recent efforts to establish an affordable housing ordinance.

Four others have announced they plan to run for the board of trustees in the upcoming election: Tim Thomas, Susan Buchanan, Joshua Klayman and Greg Marsey.


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