Are you thinking of putting your name on the ballot for the April 2, 2019 Consolidated General Election? If so, then you may want to consider attending the upcoming Candidates Workshop on Oct. 17. This one-night event is being hosted by the local iGOV team and is meant for those people who are first-time candidates, or ones who may wish to have a better view of what is expected of you while running and being elected to a local board. 

The first portion of the evening will feature a presentation by a representative of the Citizens Advocacy Center (CAC) from Elmhurst. During the presentation, attendees will receive a better understanding of how to get on a ballot, as well as the many resources that are offered via the county website. The CAC representative will share insight with the details of becoming an official candidate. They will not offer legal advice per se, but will point you in the right direction to find the necessary documentation to begin your candidacy. 

Following this forum, a panel of six current board members, one from each agency, will discuss various topics about what it is like to get on the ballot, as well as sharing their experiences of being an elected official in Oak Park. 

The event begins at 7 p.m. on Oct. 17 at Julian Middle School (416 S. Ridgeland in Oak Park). The evening’s events should last about two hours. The host of this workshop, iGOV, is an intergovernmental organization whose purpose is to promote collaboration among the six taxing bodies of Oak Park. For more information regarding this event, please reach out to David Wick at

David Wick

Oak Park

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