This is to enlighten your stated opinion [It only took 10 years, Our Views, Viewpoints, Sept. 19] that a few locals voiced “usual noise” about the development in River Forest at Lake and Lathrop. Between the Development Review Board and the Board of Trustees, there were four well attended meetings with a lot of public comment, including a petition signed by 700 River Forest residents opposing the zoning allowances. 

No one during public comment spoke in favor of increasing the zoning ordinance restriction of 13 units to 30 units. Likewise there was no public support to increase the building’s height to 1½ times the height limit contained in the zoning ordinance. 

At every public meeting the developer had a different building height. Additionally, parking had to be altered from the zoning ordinance. On any given day, street parking is already currently limited. Every speaker during public comment was opposed to the numerous allowances to increase the density allowed by the zoning code.

Trustee Patty Henek, being the only No vote, recognized the residents’ objections to the significant zoning allowances granted by the trustees. Village President Cathy Adduci and trustees Cargie, Conti and Gibbs had no concern for the input of River Forest residents. The Development Review Board had two members out of five who voted not to accept the development as presented with all of the zoning allowances. At the public meetings, there was little or no objection to a development. It was clear that there was no support for disregarding the wise building restraints of the existing zoning code.

The Sept. 19 Wednesday Journal also carried letters by Oak Park residents on their concerns about a development planned that also disregards the Oak Park zoning code. It is not unique to River Forest residents that the disregard to density restrictions are not acceptable to residents.

It is puzzling to me how the developer of the Lake and Lathrop project assumed the development would receive village board approval. The assumption can be concluded from the developer offering units for sale several months before the trustees voted.

Fred Heiss

River Forest

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