Are we still spinning our wheels on this project and wasting more tax dollars that could be better spent elsewhere on consultant studies? I realize that this is a favorite topic of our village president/mayor/whatever his title, but enough is enough.

First we were looking into the ridiculous bend in Madison Street to accommodate a developer and when that project fell through (after the previous costly road study) we moved on to this next attempt to gridlock Oak Park even further than it is currently. 

Really, we have two major east/west streets through Oak Park, Madison and of course North Avenue to accommodate our daily traffic flow. To reduce Madison further would only result in worse traffic and an overflow onto Washington and Jackson, which are both already near their maximum capacity. Has the deep thinker at Oak Park Village Hall ever ventured out and experienced this traffic buildup? Very doubtful.

The statement was made that if we slow traffic down, more folks will stop in the stores along the route. More likely, you’ll have people attempting to avoid Madison Street entirely and never even see what stores are there. That statement rings false when you look at a town like LaGrange, which has popular stores of all types along LaGrange Road and carries much more traffic than Madison ever sees. Still, people will shop these stores with two-hour free parking along the road despite the sometimes very heavy traffic. 

In other words we don’t need to slow traffic to a crawl; Oak Park needs some better and more interesting places to shop!

Jim Agin

Oak Park resident since 1980

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