Bob Stigger’s letter in the Sept. 19 Wednesday Journal Viewpoints [Why not consider a brand-new building?] was right on. At some point, it makes sense to consider starting over and building a brand new high school.

In fact, we have the perfect spot for it: Madison Street. Oak Park should dream big to create an “Education District,” using all the vacant properties along Madison. The location offers up a chance for our two high schools to invest in shared facilities. It also offers the chance to revitalize a part of our town that has been begging for re-investment.

The current high school land and buildings would be a developer’s dream. The athletic fields to the west could be additional public space. A consolidated Madison location for our high schools would allow justification for greater public transit service.

This is a win-win-win for our community. 

Dream big, Oak Park.

Don Anderson

Oak Park

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