There’s a lot to like in these towns. Here are a few things we appreciate and offer thanks for:

Bob Spatz has decided three terms on the District 97 school board will be enough. He announced last week he won’t seek re-election in the spring. He’s been the numbers guy on this board and that is a critical role. He understood the arcane aspects of school finance in Illinois and he brought wisdom to this board.

Cathy Yen brought the local Chamber back from a death spiral when she arrived five years ago. Herself an entrepreneur, she really understood the challenges and opportunities of small business in our towns. Now she is off to a key role at a nonprofit, working with young people on the West and South sides of the city. She’s the best.

LemonAid marked its 17th year in River Forest on Sept. 11. Another successful year of community building and fundraising for local nonprofits. Remembering its solemn roots in the terrorist attacks on our country, this is something very special in our communities. 

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