Saw your recent column about Joe Powers [Powers to the people, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Sept. 5]. We would like to thank you for reprinting your original column from 1998. We had no knowledge of its existence. 

Joe has been gone 17 years this November and our youngest just turned 18. It’s great to be able to show him what his “Gran Joe” was really like and how he truly cared about doing the right thing no matter the consequences. He shared with us how he was treated by his bosses at the IRS and how his territory included Cabrini Green. How he was robbed and had a gun put to his head when he was sent to recover taxes from people who had nothing. He was arrested many times while protesting against injustices that still plague our country. He was one of a kind. 

We still have all of his photos, with descriptions on the back of each photo, from the Democratic National Convention, in our safe. My daughter Meghan did a report at Downers Grove North High School on the convention and brought the photos. Needless to say, her teacher could not believe it and scanned every photo and caption into the school library. 

Joe is still making a difference every day through his grandchildren who have been very active and have become activists themselves, marching in San Diego, Chicago and Charlottesville. 

Thank you again from our whole family, including Joe’s children, Louise Hague of St. Charles; Margaret Brady of Downers Grove; Joe Powers III of Encinitas, California; and Patricia Powers of Chicago.

Stephen Brady

Joe Powers’ son-in-law

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