For the first time in my lengthy history, I saw a television advertisement concerning the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice appointment. What an insult to that awesome position! This ad was sandwiched between a commercial that promised a change from obesity to svelteness and an ad for a constipation cure. This demeaning ad was also insulting to the viewers’ intelligence in assuming that presenting a young woman expressing niceties about Brett Kavanaugh, the current nominee for this position, would influence our judgment as to his qualifications. 

The Supreme Court appointment is for a lifetime tenure and demands our careful attention. This appointment requires confirmation by the Senate and our input to these legislators requires our having factual information. It would be appropriate to present a separate media feature that would inform viewers of Kavanaugh’s qualifications. This judicial appointment is especially important because Justice Anthony Kennedy’s resignation left open a critical vote position (the deciding vote) on close issues.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has a sizeable backlog of documents, recorded material, and noted decisions that has not been released for public viewing. But there is some information available that we may use as a guide to forecast his possible decisions if confirmed as justice. 

I have several concerns about Judge Kavanaugh. In a speech he delivered only a few years ago, he expressed his views in opposition to several presently established rulings on Roe v. Wade, The Affordable Health Care Act, and minority protections.

He also voted No in his court decisions involving environmental issues for clean air, water, and land-use preservation, favoring business usage. 

The most serious concern I have is Judge Kavanaugh’s statement that a sitting president should not be questioned or investigated even if wrong-doing is suspected. He believes there should be no restraints on the president while in office. In effect, this would make the president a dictator. What happened to his knowledge of our three branches of government, equal in power — the executive, judicial, and legislative? This check-and-balance system is basic to our democracy. Judge Kavanaugh’s “loyalty” to President Trump truly frightens me. 

To add to my concerns, Judge Kavanaugh was accused of lying to Congress several years ago, which was never resolved. I assume the Senate will settle this before deciding on any affirmation of a candidate to our Supreme Court.

A Supreme Court justice is sworn to judge fairly and without partisan influence — with only the Constitution as a decision guide. Although our society is much divided, I do believe that Supreme Court judges must set-aside their personal ties and devote themselves to their sworn judgeship. 

Since this president is a Republican, he most likely would select a Republican judge. We all know very competent, reputable, highly-qualified Republican judges that we would welcome to the court. With all the questionable baggage that Kavanaugh is carrying, I believe he should be disqualified. We deserve a judicial candidate without these problems.

If you agree with my assessment, please contact your senators or those from another state and inform them of your views.

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