After a great Labor Day weekend, I came home to find myself being cited by the village for some weeds growing in my carport and in between mine and my neighbor’s garage (these weeds were maybe a maximum of 2-3 feet high). It’s “funny” since my neighbor to the north of me was cited for the weeds when clearly it was not his property. 

What is up with you, Oak Park? You send someone to cite a few of my neighbors and the person writing these citations can’t even discern a simple property line by looking a fence separating properties? What are you doing to make me want to live here after my kids graduate from your wonderful high school? You raise my taxes to the point where it makes me and my neighbors beyond upset. What are we exactly getting from your increases? Did you not get something like $10K by charging people for plastic grocery bags in a month or something? 

This OPRF documentary is so damning to the community and your do-nothing school board, I wonder who is going to want to buy my house and send their kids there after all of this mess. How many more years of insane increases do you think people can deal with? You will be pricing people out of here fairly quickly. People are already looking to leave. This “diversity” you are so proud of will be gone, since only the wealthy will be able to stick around. It doesn’t seem that anyone gives a rip about a bike sharing program either, by the way. 

Get it together, Oak Park. Be wise. Spend smart.

Geoffrey Greenberg 

Oak Park 

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