My name is Quincy Schultz. I am 10 years old and going into fifth grade at Lincoln Elementary School. I am sad, scared and worried because the Oak Park Police Department hasn’t done anything about a crime I was involved in. On July 18, I was walking my dog Ava with my dad. And while we were crossing Jackson Boulevard (at Home Avenue), a car blew through the stop sign going about 25 miles an hour. My dad quickly pulled me back. My shoes fell off and were left in the middle of the street. My dad also pulled my dog back. The dog went up in the air a bit. But the car crashed into the dog, and hit her with its bumper, while the car was going really fast. 

The car stopped for a second, and then raced off. People watching nearby stopped to see if the dog was dead (she survived) and then they chased down the car and got its license plate and found out what kind of car it was. 

Officer Kaniecki of the Oak Park Police came five minutes later. He asked our information. We told him the story and gave them the license plate number and told them what kind of car it was. He checked it, and found out the owner of the car had an expired driver’s license. We have complaint 18-04424. 

Since then, we’ve called the Oak Park Police Department three times to see if they have caught the bad guy. We have heard nothing. All three times we left a message, and haven’t even heard back. They’ve done absolutely nothing! I feel very unsafe and unprotected that the Oak Park police aren’t doing their official job. Can you please help solve the case of who hit my dog and ran away?

Quincy Schultz 

Oak Park 

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