Tickets are still on sale for an appearance by Pete Souza, President Barack Obama’s chief official White House photographer, who will speak and give a multimedia presentation on Nov. 3 at Dominican University’s Performing Arts Center.

The event is sponsored by The Book Table, 1045 Lake St., in Oak Park.

“When Pete Souza left the White House in 2017, he didn’t know what it meant to throw shade but he started doing it almost immediately on his personal Instagram account, posting his photographs from the Obama years with captions that vividly define the contrast between the Obama White House and President Trump’s administration,” according to a Book Table press release.

His Instagram following has grown to nearly 2 million followers, prompting the news organization Politico to dub Souza “King of Instagram.”

Souza’s book SHADE “is a portrait in contrasts, telling the tale of two presidencies through a series of powerful visual juxtapositions with Souza’s unforgettable images of President Obama delivering new power and meaning when framed by tweets, headlines, quotes, and other material from the first 500 days of the Trump administration.”

Timothy Inklebarger

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