When does a $223 drug that your health insurance won’t cover cost you just $12?  When you’ve got a local independent pharmacy like Sears at 1003 Madison St. literally fighting for you.

My doctor had initially prescribed an obscure $163 drug that my health insurance not only wouldn’t cover, but wouldn’t even count toward my deductible. Sears’ staff contacted my doctor to find something more affordable. He came up with an equally obscure alternative for $223, which would count toward my deductible, but that insurance still wouldn’t cover. Fortunately, it was late in the day and I decided to make a decision the next morning.

Even more fortunately early the next morning, Sears Pharmacy called to report that it had found this obscure drug in a product, which my insurance covers, that would cost me just $12.

Thanks to the dedication and diligence of the pharmacists and technicians at Oak Park’s own Sears Pharmacy, I saved $151 to $211 on this one prescription. Can you imagine receiving this level of personal care at one of the chains? Sears Pharmacy is yet another example of the locally-owned small businesses in Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park, and Maywood that we should be supporting, not just because our neighbors own them but because they deliver a high level of personal service that national chains just don’t care to provide.

Dan Lauber

River Forest

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